Norwell Offers Residential Design Build Remodeling Services for Kitchen, Bath and Room Addition projects in the
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Design Build and Other Questions
In ancient times, Hammurabiís Code of Laws placed absolute accountability on the builder as a single source of design and construction.

Norwell Inc., is a Licensed California General Contractor, No. 840498

Scheduling an Appointment

This is an exciting time. You're planning to improve your home to compliment your lifestyle and needs. To do so you will have many goals and thoughts combined, perhaps with some mental images you have picked up through the years. We want to here about everything, but before we do, here are some thoughts on how to get prepared

1. Most clients have goals and improvement needs. First determine what your goals are and their level of importance. Then if you have a secondary agenda for improvements, write those down as well, room by room, with priorities.

2. Have a family meeting so that everyone shares the big picture.

3. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! We often meet with people who have collected a box of pictures of what they want the new space or home to look like. This is a great idea. It gives us a picture of what is in your mind's eye. We can always suggest alternatives and enhancements. If you don't have a picture book, don't worry. We have plenty to look at once we get a sense of what you wish to accomplish.

4. Locate the Plat of Survey for your home. This is usually an 11 x 17 size drawing that indicates the extents of your property and location of your home within the lot. If you have any older architectural drawings or blueprints of your home this will be helpful as well.

5. Be prepared to set aside at least 2 uninterrupted hours for our initial consultation. Everyone involved in the making the decision needs to be available so that together we can all determine a direction to begin the development of your project.

6. Call us at 650-323-1142 to schedule a FREE in home consultation. We look forward to meeting you and discussing the possibilities!



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