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Design Build and Other Questions
In ancient times, Hammurabiís Code of Laws placed absolute accountability on the builder as a single source of design and construction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Design Build?

The same firm that designs the project builds it, too.

In ancient times, Hammurabiís Code of Laws placed absolute accountability on the builder as a single source of design and construction. Some of the most recognized architecture in the history of humankind, including the great cathedrals of Europe and the pyramids in Egypt, were created under the design build system.

Design Build is not the norm in home remodeling. Why? Separation of design and construction is not the standard in other industries. The airline industry, for example, combines design and production in a single industry and produces very expensive, very complex, and very safe products. Similarly, there is no separation of design and production in the automobile industry, the computer industry, the heavy equipment industry, or even, for the most part, in the home-building industry. Only in home remodeling is there typically such a clear separation of the design and production functions. Does this make sense to you?

The success of a project cannot be measured by the design alone, or by the quality or proficiency of the construction, but rather in how these aspects are brought together to achieve the client's needs. For that reason a project's success is measured by the sum of the creativity of design solution, value engineering (respecting the client's budget), quality of construction, meeting the schedule, and operating above the client's expectations. What better way to accomplish this than to have a proven team of architects, builders and craftsman working for you under one roof? This is Design/Build. One team. One responsibility.

What are the Alternatives to Design Build?

The alternatives to Design/Build are as varied as the projects themselves. Once you separate the design and the construction elements, more of the responsibility of the projects falls to you as the project coordinator. It will be your responsibility to define the project design conditions and requirements in sufficient detail to secure and compare bids.

To accomplish the design you might hire an architect, designer or even venture forth yourself. The goal will be to completely outline every aspect of the project to ensure both a comparable and thorough bid from those that will construct it. Anything that is left out from the documentation may result in a change order.

Once the bid documents are complete it is time to acquire estimates from those that will actually perform the construction. This may vary from a professional remodeler, to a one-man operation, to you acquiring bids from subcontractors and managing the work yourself. Each of these options comes with different services, at different pricing, with different risks.

In separating the design and the construction, you introduced three cooks to the stew: you the owner, the architect or designer, and the contractor. Each entity has their own motivation, which may not be aligned with yours. You of course want to produce the best project at the best price. The designers are motivated by the creativity and want to maximize the design (and design billing) but not necessarily the construction cost. The builders have no investment in the design and want to maximize profits by interpreting the bid documents as simply as possible. Three parties all working on the same project, but with different goals, hence, the stress.

Why should I chose Norwell Design Build?

Norwell is unique for a number of reasons.

Norwell is one-stop shopping. As a Design/Build firm, Norwell is responsible for your complete satisfaction, both in the creative design and quality construction. We strive to match the style of your home while delivering the project on budget and on time. We provide complete responsibility for the complete project. That means peace of mind for you, the client.

Norwell helps you control your budget. We understand keeping costs down is a priority for most people. That is why we present budgets and plans together every step of the way. We will help you get the most for your money.

Your project will be done to your satisfaction as well as to our own high quality standards. We will make sure the job is completed on time for the agreed price.

How can you be sure? Norwell provides a solid 2 year installation warranty for all of our clients.



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